glucosamine for dogs

Arthritis is common in dogs, just like it is in people. So what can we do for our furry friends who are feeling achy, inflamed and sore from arthritis? There are some dietary and lifestyle adjustments we humans can use — look into them for your dogs too!

Depending on its form, arthritis can cause swelling, pain, joint damage, reduced activity and lessened quality of life. Often it happens simply as a by-product of age, or can be a result of previous injury, overuse or underlying viral or bacterial causes

Often, anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed and likely provide some relief, but also can come with their own potential problems.

Lifestyle considerations include exercise. Start slowly and gently, as your dog may be sore. But exercise is beneficial in arthritis management, and can help keep weight in check – another beneficial aspect.

An¬†antioxidant-rich, anti-inflammatory diet is crucial. Cut out processed foods and poor quality items and replace them with fresh vegetables and fruits, healthy oils (real olive oil, coconut oil) wild fish, and other high quality meats your dog’s body needs.

Glucosamine with chondroitin is also a popular, likely beneficial supplement. Many other supplements have been reviewed, and I am working on a report about this. Contact me for more information.

Improving your dog’s diet, taking him for regular walks and providing him with a low-stress, love-filled environment can go a long way.

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