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Importance of a Varied Diet – From Adorable Pets Veterinary Center

Please enjoy my latest article in the Adorable Pets Veterinary Center newsletter. From Adorable Pets Veterinary Center Newsletter September 2018 Written by Sarah Whitman, M.S. Dip.C.N., HCAFounder, We know a varied diet is healthy for us humans. It benefits our animal friends too, for many of the same reasons. Different foods have different nutrients, along

Wait … Say That Again?

You look at your dog food bag. It says, “made with real chicken!” or “made with real beef!” So let’s see…. why not just buy real chicken or real beef? Same goes for vegetables, oils, and so much more. If you look at your dog food ingredient list, chances are it’s ugly. Even if it’s

Turkey, Sweet Potatoes and Green Beans

Online Class Preview – Your Dog’s Diet

We are hard at work developing this new online resource for you and your dog. Email me with questions. Go to for more details. Course Details and Syllabus Diet is an important aspect of health, whether it’s yours or your dog’s. Striving for high quality and safety is a fundamental aspect to establishing feeding