I recently brought a new dog into the house. This wonderful event has made it even more clear to me that every dog is an individual, in every way. This includes what they need to eat and how to transition into the best diet.

See, just before my new little friend came home with me, she got into some gross things outside, and wound up sick with diarrhea. Unfortunately, this made it a tad more challenging for me to dive her right into all new food.

It’s been a few weeks now, and I believe her GI tract is stabilizing. But she is still not on the full, homemade menu I promote so heavily here. After she got sick, she was put on a prescription diet to help stabilize her belly. Slowly, day by day, I have been adding homemade tidbits to her food. She is now halfway there – half prescription, half homemade. I plan to continue her down this road and have her onto 100% homemade within a week or two. But this ordeal has been a personal testament that dogs need to go at their own pace with everything, including diet. And sometimes it takes baby steps to get to the diet you’re envisioning.

So this month, I will outline the transitional diet I am using for my new friend. GI problems or not, I do believe all new diets should be introduced gradually.


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