Carnivore Cake – Healthy Dog Food Idea

Carnivore Cake or Meatloaf for Dogs

This recipe can double as a special occasion cake, or an everyday meatloaf for your dogs. It includes only healthy ingredients but also makes for a festive presentation and a top notch flavor!

I hope this recipe gets you excited about the idea of making healthier, homemade food for your dogs. Contrary to what some people say, it is NOT that difficult and the rewards far outweigh any effort. After all, feeding your dog healthier food means your dog will likely be healthier.. in turn, you are working towards the goal of a longer, healthier life together.

As always, I recommend any dietary changes are made slowly, a little at a time. This allows your dog’s body to adjust and gives you a chance to monitor your dog’s reaction (besides wanting to wolf it down).

Please contact me for the recipe and for any other questions. And here is a short video clip of the cake / meatloaf, including my dog’s opinion on the matter. Enjoy! ~ Sarah