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Best friends deserve the best food.


Scrambled Eggs – Healthy Dog Food Idea

I made scrambled eggs for myself, and a little extra for my dog. Scrambling an egg takes about one minute, and helps boost your dog’s nutritional status. 

liver for dogs

Why Give Dogs Liver

I have older relatives who squirm at the memory of having to eat liver as a child .. but as with so many things, grandma was right! Liver holds a wide range of nutrients, including copper, zinc, iron, vitamins and more.

Homemade Dog Food Recipe – Granola for Dogs

This recipe is a granola made with oatmeal, quinoa and more. Great for your dog, and you too!

Warming Foods for Dogs

When you think of the idea of warming foods, you may consider soup, stew, or other foods that are warm or hot in temperature. But in Traditional Chinese Medicine, warming foods – those with Yang energetics – are foods that add heat and dryness to the body. Depending on your dog’s situation, this may be good or bad.

Featured Ingredient – Sardines

Sardines are a rich source of omega-3, the fatty acid that has become famous for its anti-inflammatory, health-promoting abilities. They are also important because so many fats have inflammatory properties, and omega-3 and omega-6 fight each other for space in the body….