transitional diets

Transitional Diets for For Dogs – Shifting to Homemade Dog Food

In the past, I’ve offered a couple basic examples of transitional diets and foods. I am now developing more thorough examples and strategies for Dog Food Coach clients to use. These transitional steps will help guide your dog slowly and gently into new, healthier foods. These are general guidelines and all transitional diets can be customized to your specific situation.

How Much Food Should I Give My Dog?

How Much Food Should I Give My Dog?

When changing diets, how much to feed is often a question for dog parents.  Homemade is a different from commercial in seemingly endless ways, including the logistical difference of serving sizes. Commercial food generally has serving suggestions on the label.  It is easy to get accustomed to the new feeding guidelines though, and before you know it you will be serving your dog just the right amount of homemade.

Nutrition Calculator

Nutrition Calculator – Dog Food Coach Resource

Figuring out how much homemade dog food to give is one of the most common issues dog parents face when learning how to cook and create healthy recipes. Over the years, I have continued to build upon my nutrition calculator. This members-only resource allows you to enter one, five, ten or more dog-friendly foods to figure out calories, protein, fat and carbs.