Why Give Dogs Coconut Oil

Best friends deserve the best food.

Why Give Dogs Coconut Oil

Dear friends of dogs,

Inner and outer beauty… coconut oil does it!

On the outside, it feels velvety soft and can be applied to skin, rough paws, and can enhance skin’s health in general.

On the inside, it offers a wide range of benefits too. The fat in coconut oil (medium chain triglycerides, or MCT) is absorbed quickly and efficiently, making it quite usable by the body in general.

Coconut oil can aid in cognitive function, inflammatory conditions, viral and bacterial issues and much more.

Unrefined coconut oil is a staple in my dog’s diet, and I include it in many of my recipes and ingredient suggestions.

You can offer this gem straight out of the jar, or you can cook with it. Most dogs I give it to seem to like the taste.

I hope you and your dog enjoy this healthy addition. And remember, joining DogFoodCoach.com gives you full access to all members-only content, including recipes, articles and much more.

Best wishes,

Sarah Whitman, MS
Founder, DogFoodCoach.com