DCM – Dilated Cardiomyopathy

There is a new pet health crisis – dilated cardiomyopathy, DCM abbreviated. Fortunately this issue is getting widespread attention and media exposure. I hope the exposure will help dog caregivers understand more fully the importance of a good diet, for so many reasons.

The Food and Drug Administration has been investigating possible connections between certain pet diets and a heart condition called canine dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM). They recently put out an extremely informative report with detailed information that can help you navigate this increasingly confusing and disturbing problem.

The report has several easy to read charts and graphs outlining brands, diets and other information. One of the charts that jumped out at me was this one:

dcm in dogs

If you notice my green arrow addition, you will see home cooked dog food is not implicated in these cases. For seemingly endless reasons, homemade dog food is the safest, healthiest option for your dog, in the short and long term.  Reach out to me for help.

About Me and Dog Food Coach

Around 2008, I founded DogFoodCoach.com after I started removing commercial dog food from my dog’s diet, and began replacing it with real, homemade, simple food for my own soulmate dog, Cori. Once I got rolling, I never looked back.

I’ve been studying nutrition since 1996, and earned a master’s in nutrition in 2016. Alongside my love of good nutrition and excellent food is an unwavering love and concern for animals, especially dogs.

The Best Pet Food

I believe the best pet food is not “pet food” at all. It’s real, whole food you can buy at your own grocery store or online.

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Sarah Whitman, MS
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