Figuring out how much homemade dog food to give is one of the most common issues dog parents face when learning how to cook and create healthy recipes. Over the years, I have continued to build upon my nutrition calculator information. This resource allows you to enter one, five, ten or more dog-friendly foods to figure out calories, protein, fat and carbs.

The nutrition calculator is free to people working with me directly.  Book some time with me and we will go over your individual situation. We will talk about your questions and vision for your dog, and work together to create an excellent, truly supportive diet for your beloved dog or dogs. You can reserve time together here.

Free Class – An Extra Bonus Now Free to Clients

I am now offering a free online class to active clients. Use the form below to book time with me and gain access to the class and much more. You can preview the class here: Your Dog’s Diet.

I hope you enjoy the many resources I offer, and please contact me with questions.

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Sarah Whitman, MS
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Curious About Homemade Dog Food? here are some FAQ’s … see more on my FAQ page.

FAQ – Questions About Making Homemade Dog Food

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about homemade dog food. I hope my answers help, and please sign up for my free newsletter so you can stay informed.

Is homemade dog food balanced?

Just as with any diet, homemade dog food can be healthy or unhealthy, balanced or unbalanced. With a little guidance, you can learn to create highly nutritious meals with all their natural nutrients still intact. Such a diet leads to balance and great nutrition. Also, a point to consider: is every meal you eat 100% balanced? Generally, we know that in order to have a healthy diet for ourselves, we eat a wide range of nutritious foods. The same can be said for our dogs. Contact me when you are ready to start improving your dog’s diet.