My dog has been on a simple, homemade diet for years and I have learned my way around making it an easy, time efficient process. I can help you too! Just contact me.

Every day offers a variety of fresh foods, and on so many days, I think – I should document this.  I should share it with the world, so people know how easy it is, and how many dog friendly options are available.

And as a result, Dog Food Diary was born.

Seemingly Endless Options

Whether you cook for yourself or not, you can do it for your canine friend. It’s an outstanding investment in your dog’s health and nutritional wellness.

On a daily basis (or most days), Dog Food Diary will share healthy foods that I serve to my own little sweetie. It may be something I make just for her, or something I make for myself and share with her.

Putting It All Together

Dog Food Diary is an easy and fun way to learn about healthy foods for dogs. But it can still feel like a challenge putting it all together. How much, how soon, how to cook and in what ratios?  The questions may go on, especially if you are just starting out. My job is to empower you, coach you and help you find great foods for your dog.  So get in touch and let’s work together on that.

About Me and Dog Food Coach

Around 2008, I founded after I left the commercial pet food world behind and started making real, homemade, simple food for my own soulmate dog, Cori. Once I got rolling, I never looked back.

I’ve been studying nutrition since 1996, and earned a master’s in nutrition in 2016. Alongside my love of good nutrition and excellent food is an unwavering love and concern for animals, especially dogs.

The Best Pet Food

I believe the best pet food is not “pet food” at all. It’s real, whole food you can buy at your own grocery store or online. Let me help you make it happen.

Best wishes to you and your furry friends,


Sarah Whitman, MS
Let me help you – I can work with you to create a great diet for your dog.