I made fish tacos the other day, and took my dog into consideration too. I saved some of the ingredients out for her, without the spices.

Simple and Healthy Foods for Dogs

One of my goals in teaching people how to cook is to make it simple. One way to do this is to make extra of what you are making for yourself, and then save some for your dog. Of course, this only applies to certain kinds of food. It does not apply to foods that are overly fatty, fried, spicy, sweet or otherwise inappropriate for dogs. It DOES apply to fresh meats, vegetables and other dog friendly ingredients.

One of my older recipes, for example – one I call Easy Stack— is simply a baking dish full of chicken, rice and vegetables. I had some myself, and gave some to my dog.

My “fish taco” dish was another example. I was in the mood for tacos, but wanted a healthy version. I put some cod and kale into a skillet with a little water, and steamed / sauteed until the fish was cooked through – about 15 minutes or so.  I broke it down as I cooked, in order to create small little flaky pieces.

Use Healthy Foods Like Fish, With No Spices Or Other Frills

In this case, I left all the spices off for now. When the fish and kale were done, I plated my serving up with the rest of my own toppings and spices, and left a small plate of plain fish and kale for my dog.

It was delicious, healthy, easy and fun.   If you have ever considered changing your dog’s diet for the better, please contact me and I will guide you through it. It is an excellent investment in your dog’s health.

Best wishes to you and your dogs,

Sarah Whitman, MS
Founder, Dog Food Coach