Removing Fear, Empowering Yourself, Feeding Better Dog Food

Removing your fear, and replacing it with an empowered attitude (think, I can do it and it’s the right thing to do!) are important steps in improving your situation.

Think about this. Why is it that any medical practitioner, dietician, nutritionist or other health professional working with humans will tell you to cut down on processed foods and focus on whole, real foods…. But for some reason, the veterinary world advocates the opposite? What’s wrong with this picture?

Consider the following points, and then feel free to contact me for help transitioning your dog over to a more nourishing diet.

Best wishes,

Free Yourself – Break outta the chains!

Advantages of Homemade Diets

  • Eating real, whole food is an ancient concept
  • Homemade diets support the body and limit stress on the body
  • Homemade diets supply nutrients in their original, in-tact forms
  • Homemade diets offer moisture, helping to remove toxins and stay hydrated

Disadvantages of Commercial Foods

  • Drugs, industrial chemicals, cross-contamination
  • Bacteria and viruses
  • Mislabeling and vague labeling
  • By-products and foods banned from human food supply
  • Rancidity and oxidation issues
  • During processing, nutrients are often removed and re-added in artificial versions
  • Coloring and flavoring sprayed on kibble
  • Low quality foods put stress on the body, leading to inflammation and subsequent potential illnesses inc. asthma, allergies, diabetes, arthritis, cancer

Feeding homemade dog food IS:

  • A back-to-basics approach
  • Better quality than commercial pet food
  • Safer than commercial pet food
  • Focused on whole, fresh foods
  • An investment in your dog’s health – feeding your dog well now can help you avoid some vet costs later and keep your dog healthy and happy long term

A homemade diet is NOT:

  • Weird or elitist
  • “Spoiling your dog” – it’s looking out for his or her health
  • Time-consuming
  • Complicated

So, what do you think? Contact me to get started.