Enzymes help optimize numerous biological processes. Enzymes in fresh, whole foods are just one of the many factors that help keep your dog’s body healthy.

Although cooking may destroy some enzymes, it is also suggested that dogs eat vegetables in cooked form in order to increase digestion. Many dog parents also choose to serve raw meat, which should always be of the highest quality.  Either way, serving a diet of processed dog food or kibble does not serve your dog’s body well, as it is often highly refined, processed and damaged.

Serving homemade foods including fresh meats, organs, vegetables, oils and more can provide your dog with the enzymes he needs to keep those biologically processes running smoothly.

It is also important to note that if your dog is on medication, this can interfere with his enzymes. In these cases, a homemade diet is even more important.  See our previous post on enzymes.

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