Life is full of tough questions…

But here are some straightforward answers to an issue that can be really, truly simple. With a little practice, making your own dog food can be easy, fast and convenient. I hope my answers help, and please sign up for my free newsletter so you can stay informed.

Is homemade dog food balanced?

Just as with any diet, homemade dog food can be healthy or unhealthy, balanced or unbalanced. With a little guidance, you can learn to create highly nutritious meals with all their natural nutrients still intact. Such a diet leads to balance and great nutrition. Also, a point to consider: is every meal you eat 100% balanced? Generally, we know that in order to have a healthy diet for ourselves, we eat a wide range of nutritious foods. The same can be said for our dogs.

Is making homemade dog food time consuming?

Making homemade dog food can take just a few minutes, or you can spend longer in the kitchen. It really depends on your preferences and lifestyle. Some recipes can be ready in as little as a few minutes.

Is making homemade dog food difficult?

Our lives are made up of learning experiences, and putting together dog food is just another example. With a few very simple recipes and some practice, assembling dog food will become second nature and much easier than worrying about bad health reactions, poor quality and other problems with commercial pet foods. You are giving yourself peace of mind – nothing difficult about that.

I don’t even cook for myself! How can I cook for my dog?

We humans have the choice to cook for ourselves, go out to eat, get delivery, eat prepared food or whatever we wish. In our hearts and minds, we know what foods are healthy; we just don’t always eat them. But when it comes to our furkids, they have no choice in the matter, and it’s up to us to offer healthy options. If left to their own devices, they would choose real food. (Have you ever seen a dog scarf down real meat, and turn his nose up at kibble? There’s a reason for this!) Making dog food can be way simpler than making human meals. For example, you never have to worry about presenting it in a fancy way, and you don’t need to do dishes afterwards, except for washing food and water bowls.

Is homemade dog food expensive?

When it comes to dog food, the sad reality is that the cheap stuff is often really unhealthy, and you may wind up paying for it later at the vet’s office. There are also some more costly ‘upscale’ dog foods available, and they can be expensive. Homemade dog food is an excellent way to offer the absolute best quality food while avoiding premium charges.

If I make food for my dog, will I spoil him?

On the contrary! You are taking care of him through food. Unfortunately, some people equate offering better food with spoiling, but the reality is you are simply offering food that will help keep your dog strong and healthy.

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