vitamins for dogs

Do you ever wonder if you should give your dog a multivitamin / mineral supplement? There has been so much discussion on this topic, for both pets and us humans. My own personal philosophy is this:

Our food supply is not what it used to be. Modern practices, processing, soil depletion and more can drain food of its original nutrients. This applies to dog food too, whether it’s commercial or homemade.

As hard as we try, we may not eat 100% of everything we need every day. Again, this may apply to dogs too.

I believe supplements can be a tremendous asset to help bolster our health and our dogs’ health. Further, one of the most common questions I get from people thinking about homemade is: Will a homemade diet offer all the necessary nutrients? I believe it CAN! However I also include some supplements in order to help boost my dog’s nutritional levels, for all the above reasons.  And my dog’s diet is stellar! Fresh meats, vegetables, oils, and more.


One of the products I use a couple times a week is called NuVet Plus. I got it from my wonderful holistic vet. It’s not cheap, but I don’t give the full dose because I know my dog’s diet is great, and I also use other products, like Nupro which I also discuss here on Dog Food Coach. See the Nupro article.

NuVet is a chewable multivitamin mineral tablet with a couple additional goodies like algae and oyster shell.

Hope this info is useful to you and your dog. I am not affiliated with the company. Contact me if you have questions.