Heart Patient Cooper, Rescue Maltese

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with a loving dog parent named Judie, whose rescue Maltese Cooper (aka Coopie) was suffering from heart disease and getting care from a veterinary cardiologist. Judie contacted me in September 2019 about home cooking, and we got right to it!

Months later, Coopie is doing great! He is enjoying his new homemade food (surprised?) and thriving months beyond what Judie expected. Here’s what Judie had to say:

“I can’t thank you enough. Coopie has outlived any expectations. I remember coming home in August and they said just keep him happy for the next month and if he collapses call us. Well it’s now 4 months later. I’m realistic about my Coopie’s future but I know he’s had the best food at this point in his life. I’m so glad I found you. Thank you!”

This is such a great demonstration of the power of food! First, Judie rescued Cooper and gave him a new, loving home. Then she gave him the gift of good nutrition. What a wonderful and loving relationship.

Please contact me if you would like assistance in improving your own dog’s diet!

Warm wishes,

Sarah Whitman, MS
Founder, Dog Food Coach

About Dog Food Coach

I believe my love and concern for animals was inborn, and is not going anywhere anytime!

I’ve been studying human and animal nutrition since 1996. My work, or mission, on behalf of animals began long before then, and over the years I’ve had the pleasure of working with a number of nonprofit animal protection organizations.

Around 2008, I founded DogFoodCoach.com after I started removing commercial dog food from my dog’s diet, and began replacing it with real, homemade, simple food for my own soulmate dog, Cori. Once I got rolling, I never looked back. I believe the best pet food is not “pet food” at all. It’s real, whole food you can buy at your own grocery store or online. Contact me for help.

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