Is Homemade Dog Food Balanced?

When it comes to homemade dog food, many people ask, is it balanced? This is a common question, and I think a reasonable answer is… it depends!

Just as with any diet, homemade dog food can be healthy or unhealthy, balanced or unbalanced. With a little practice, you can learn to create highly nutritious meals with all their natural nutrients still intact (as opposed to highly processed kibble). Such a diet leads to balance and improved nutritional status.

Also, a point to consider: is every meal you eat 100% balanced? Generally, we know that in order to have a healthy diet for ourselves, we eat a wide range of nutritious foods. Adding a high quality multivitamin and mineral helps round things out.

The same can be said for our dogs.

Keep the following concepts in mind:

  • Strive for variety over time
  • Introduce new foods slowly, a little at a time
  • There are different schools of thought on balance of protein, carbs and fat
  • Make meat / animal protein the base of your dog’s meals; surround with vegetables followed by fruits, oils, starches, eggs, organ meats & more options
  • Supplement the diet with finely ground eggshells, omega-3s, whole foods
  • Every dog is different, so the path to balance can vary with the individual
  • Contact me for help!

About Dog Food Coach

I am on a mission to help you feed your dogs a healthier diet using simple, everyday foods found in most grocery stores, farm stands or elsewhere.

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My Goals:

  • Empower you
  • Help you realize you can improve your dog’s diet without too much trouble or confusion
  • Guide you toward healthy, easy to make foods
  • Support you during your transition
  • Suggest healthier options
  • Work with you to create a truly supportive, nourishing diet for your dog

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