This is a true story I like to call Boomie’s Turnaround.kidney disease in dogs

Boomie, seen here, is a 10-year old Entlebucher Mountain Dog, loved by Cynthia and Mike from Massachusetts.

Boomie’s Lab Tests

In early 2019, Cynthia contacted me with concern about Boomie’s health. Recent lab tests, including bloodwork and urine tests, revealed high levels of protein – Cynthia’s veterinarian became concerned about early stage kidney disease. Cynthia asked me about a recipe to make for Boomie.

I mentioned to Cynthia that I don’t label my recipes in medical terms, but there was certainly something she could do to try to help her sweet Boomie. I sent her a simple recipe and she started making it in April 2019.

What To Feed Boomie?

Alongside this easy and healthy recipe, I told Cynthia about an experience I had with my own vet years ago.

My dog, Cori, was getting older and as somewhat of a “helicopter mom” (and proud of it) I wanted to make sure I was covering all bases and doing my best to prevent disease. During one of Cori’s routine checkups, I mentioned the issue of diet in relation to kidney health. My vet simply said to me, “She is already on a kidney diet – just keep doing what you’re doing.”

What I was doing was making a simple, homemade diet consisting mostly of meat, vegetables, oatmeal, sardines and some other targeted ingredients. I began making homemade food for Cori years before this vet checkup. She was about six years old, and I was beginning to learn about benefits of homemade, and downfalls of commercial. Once I started, I never looked back.  Cori stayed on homemade food throughout the rest of her life until she passed at age 15 1/2.

Lab Tests Weren’t Boomie’s Only Problem

Poor Boomie. Unfortunately, abnormal lab tests were not the only trouble he was having when Cynthia reached out to me. He was also lethargic and showing signs of leg and hip pain.

Over the next several weeks, Cynthia and I remained in touch a handful of times. Not surprisingly, one of the first pieces of feedback I got was how much Boomie was enjoying the new food Cynthia was making him. She had printed out a few of my recipes and was using those to clean up Boomie’s diet in the hopes of cleaning up his lab results too. I also pointed Cynthia in the direction of a quality multivitamin and mineral supplement, and she also began giving that to her little guy.

Boomie Gets Better

By the beginning to middle of May, Cynthia emailed me. She took Boomie in for follow up lab work. The results: no signs of abnormalities. Boomie had made a dramatic turnaround and the vet was no longer concerned with kidney issues. In addition, Cynthia shared that Boomie’s pain level subsided and his energy and spirit rebounded.

Cynthia recently sent me this lovely, moving note:

“Sarah. We can’t thank you enough for helping us to turn our dog Boomie’s health around. He was showing signs of pain, symptoms of arthritis and joint discomfort, and was even having trouble getting out of the house. He had been on a lifelong diet of dry food. We always tried to make the best choice on his food, sparing no expense, looking for the best brand. Dog food recalls always had us concerned. We started making his food, based on your recipes, and we noticed a difference almost immediately. Lab results previous to his diet change showed high protein counts in his kidneys. Post diet change, his protein counts are normal, giving our vet no reason for concern. He is back to his puppy ways, and at 10 years old, is looking and acting healthier than ever. We believe in what you are doing, and hope that others will learn what we have from you to help their pets live long and happy lives. – Cynthia & Mike – Massachusetts”

There is something magical about good food. The information I share reflects my philosophy of cleaning up diet to promote health, and using nutritious foods that reduce inflammation, serve a specific purpose, and support the entire body.

I am so happy I was able to help Boomie and his human family. Please contact me if you would like to improve your dog’s diet like Cynthia did for Boomie.

Sarah Whitman, MS
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