When changing diets, how much to feed is often a question for dog parents.  Homemade is a different from commercial in seemingly endless ways, including the logistical difference of serving sizes. Commercial food generally has serving suggestions on the label.  It is easy to get accustomed to the new feeding guidelines though, and before you know it you will be serving your dog just the right amount of homemade.

So how much food should you serve, and are there other considerations? Here are some general guidelines when wondering how much homemade to give your dog.

  • Consider calorie requirements – ask about my calorie and quantity guidelines
  • Consider quantity or volume – for example, if your dog is used to eating 4 ounces of food per meal, try to stick close to that, at least in the beginning, in order not to stress the GI tract
  • Consider fillers vs. pure nutrition – many commercial foods have fillers in them, whereas a healthy homemade diet consists of meat, vegetables, oils and other nutritious ingredients
  • Consider moisture content – a healthy homemade diet includes a good deal of vegetables, which contain a lot of water
  • Consider your dog’s weight – is she losing or gaining, or staying the same?
  • Ask about my nutrition calculator to figure calories, protein, fat and carbs in your recipes
  • Contact me with any questions.

About Dog Food Coach

I am on a mission to help you feed your dogs a truly supportive diet.  I am the founder of DogFoodCoach.com and I believe my love and concern for animals was inborn. It’s not going anywhere!

I’ve been studying human and animal nutrition since 1996. My work, or mission, on behalf of animals began long before then, and over the years I’ve had the pleasure of working with a number of nonprofit animal protection organizations. Alongside that is an interest in natural medicine, nutrition and great food. Contact me for guidance on improving your dog’s diet.