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From Adorable Pets Veterinary Center Newsletter

September 2018

Written by Sarah Whitman, M.S. Dip.C.N., HCA

We know a varied diet is healthy for us humans. It benefits our animal friends too, for many of the same reasons. Different foods have different nutrients, along with non-nutrient compounds that can benefit health.

For example, vegetables and fruits have a range of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other components that defend against disease and inflammation. Many animal-based foods also have healing, protective qualities. Just as with our own diet, your dog’s diet is better in its intact, fresh form, not in processed form.

If you’re ready to expand your dog’s culinary horizons, try adding small amounts of nutrient-dense foods to your dog’s meals. Highly nutritious vegetables like broccoli and kale may be better digested when cooked. Because some nutrients can be lost during cooking, try lightly steaming these items in filtered water. Then, save the cooking water and parcel out in your dog’s meals. You might also try topping a meal with a no-salt added, packed in water sardine. These are just a few examples.

How much of these extras to include will vary depending on weight, calorie requirements, serving size and other factors. Importantly, introducing new foods slowly allows your dog’s body to adjust, minimizes digestive upset, and gives you a chance to monitor your furkid for potential food sensitivities.

As you progress, you may find your dog is more enthusiastic about meals that include fresh foods. And seeing his or her happiness may inspire you to keep going. It’s also quite likely you will see both short and long-term health improvements shine through.

You may want to consider making some healthy recipes and adding a multivitamin and mineral supplement. Whatever your level of interest in improving diet, you are not alone in the process. We can help you simplify and make it a reality for you and your pet. If chosen wisely, food really is medicine!

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