scrambled eggsYou know what they say about eggs … incredible, edible and lots more! They take very little time to prepare, can be used alone or in recipes, and provide a highly digestible protein for your dog.

Making Eggs, Making Calcium Supplement

If that didn’t offer enough reasons to include them in your dog’s diet, here’s another reason: You can use eggshell as a calcium supplement.

See below for more details on using eggs and eggshell as a natural, nutritious calcium supplement. Eggshell and egg membrane also contain additional nutrients and protective compounds – more on that in another article.


Sarah Whitman, MS
Founder, Dog Food Coach
PS – Have you seen my other website, It includes ideas on individual healthy additions like eggs, as part of a balanced dog diet. There’s even a video of my dog tasting scrambled eggs!

Incredible Egg!

What’s so great about ’em?

Eggs contain a wide range of nutrients and highly digestible protein. Eggshells contain calcium and other minerals and compounds that can promote bone health and more. Power food!

How can I make eggs?

Scrambled, fried, mixed into your usual recipes… you name it. They are versatile little buggers.

How can I make eggshells?

Eggshells are sharp, so they should be finely ground or well crushed. You can grind or crush them raw and then cook into your recipes, OR you can cook them on their own and then grind them into a powder.

How much should I use as a supplement?

The answer varies depending on what else your dog is eating. But the holistic vets I’ve talked with recommend approximately 1/2 teaspoon of finely ground eggshell per pound of meat, if you are making a homemade diet. Contact me for help creating a truly supportive, nutritious diet for your dog.

Is there anything to worry about?

Just a quick note aside from the need to make sure the shells are well crushed:

  • Some dogs are sensitive to eggs or just egg whites. Just start slow and see how your furbaby does. I recommend this with all dietary changes.