Millet is referred to as both a seed or a grain, and is sometimes used in baking items like breads or fritters, or as a side dish.

Unfortunately, millet is also now present in some pet foods – not good news for many reasons. While millet does contain some vitamins, minerals and fiber, it is not beneficial for dogs (and after reading this study, I don’t plan on eating it either).

Millet and Thyroid Function

I recently read a research review about millet and its potential to interfere with thyroid function. The term used for foods that interfere with the thyroid is ‘goitrogen.’  The study concluded that millet can have goitrogenic, anti-thyroid effects and can even contribute to goiter.

Millet can also be a source of fungal toxins.

Whether your dog is on commercial food or homemade, I would suggest steering away from millet. If you are looking for something kind of similar, you might consider oatmeal, quinoa or brown rice. I have numerous recipes with these ingredients and other healthy foods.

Best wishes,

Sarah Whitman, MS