Millet is referred to as both a seed or a grain, and is sometimes used in baking items like breads or fritters, or as a side dish.

Unfortunately, millet is also now present in some pet foods – not good news for many reasons. While millet does contain some vitamins, minerals and fiber, it is not beneficial for dogs (and after reading this study, I don’t plan on eating it either).

Millet and Thyroid Function

I recently read a research review about millet and its potential to interfere with thyroid function. The term used for foods that interfere with the thyroid is ‘goitrogen.’  The study concluded that millet can have goitrogenic, anti-thyroid effects and can even contribute to goiter.

Millet can also be a source of fungal toxins.

Whether your dog is on commercial food or homemade, I would suggest steering away from millet. If you are looking for something kind of similar, you might consider oatmeal, quinoa or brown rice. I have numerous recipes with these ingredients and other healthy foods.

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Sarah Whitman, MS
Founder, Dog Food Coach
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My Inspiration To Improve Dog Diet

Cori, a golden retriever mix of some sort, came to me off the rescue truck as a scared pup from Georgia. During our time together, she overcame amazing hurdles, including becoming blind from glaucoma at age three. We were inseparable. I was her eyes, and she was my soulmate.

Our journey into homemade food began around 2007, when I began researching pet foods and discovered that with a few exceptions, I can’t put my faith in the safety of most commercial foods on the market today. Learning about recalls, chemicals, fillers, mold and all sorts of other contaminants led me to say “enough is enough,” and I transitioned my best furry friend onto homemade food.

After Cori began eating homemade, human-grade food, her fur became softer, a lump on her back disappeared, and her spirits remained high into her elderly years. I truly believe that giving her clean, whole foods — and constant love of course — made all the difference in her long life. Cori lived to 15 1/2, which I know is old… but of course it was not long enough.

my missionMy new addition to the family, Autumn (seen lounging here) is on the same track.  She has never had a kibble based diet.

I hope you will let me help you create an excellent, truly supportive diet for your dog. That is my mission and I have seen many dog caregivers pursue the same goals once they get going.

Best wishes to you and your furkids,

Sarah Whitman, MS
Founder, Dog Food Coach
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