We have all read about the wonders of fish oil, and with good reason. Study after study has show fish oil, and its components including omega-3, can help fight inflammation. This is incredibly important, as inflammation is at the root of seemingly endless diseases. Further, the American diet is lacking in omega-3 and excessive in omega-6, which is another fatty acid that actually promotes inflammation instead of fighting it. Not only that, but omega-3 and omega-6 compete with each other for space in the body, and omega-6 can easily crowd out omega-3, leading to further inflammation.

So it is beneficial to try to get more omega-3 into our bodies, thereby fighting inflammation and tapering down the effects of omega-6.

But what if your dog’s diet doesn’t include a lot of omega-3 rich foods? If that’s the case, an omega-3 supplement can be a great addition to your dog’s diet.

It is vital to look for high quality omega-3 supplements, because many fish are contaminated with heavy metals including mercury. Further, omega-3 can become rancid if handled or stored improperly. So in order to benefit your dog and avoid harm, it is fundamental to splurge on a high quality product.

As far as dosage goes, many practitioners recommend looking at the human dosage, and then adjusting according to your dog’s weight. And as with any dietary addition or change, always look for signs of stomach upset or other symptoms that suggest your dog is not adjusting well to the product.

Good luck fighting inflammation, the cause of numerous illnesses!

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