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Featured Ingredient – Blueberries

We know blueberries are good for us, with their antioxidant capacity and nutrient profile. But did you know they are also healthy for dogs?

Rinsed bowl of fresh blueberries for me and my dog.

Blueberries are generally found year round in most grocery stores. Depending on the time of year, they may be wonderful or just so-so. As with all produce, inspect them for quality when you choose your blueberries for yourself or your furkid.

No fresh on hand or they don’t look good? No problem! Cruise over to the frozen foods aisle, where you will find your frozen blueberries. Look for ones with nothing else in them – no sugar, no spices — just plain blueberries, like in this picture.

frozen blueberries
Frozen produce is so convenient to have on hand!

Fresh or frozen, think about adding blueberries to your dog’s meals.  How much you add will depend on your dog’s weight, nutritional needs, GI sensitivities and whether he or she has had blueberries before. Questions? Contact me.