The featured image here is my dog’s breakfast.

I like to post periodic updates on what my dog eats in a single day, to help highlight the variety that you can achieve with a homemade diet. With all the variety, I also believe it is possible to offer some consistency too, particularly for dogs with sensitive GI tracts. Always introduce new foods slowly and one at a time.

See below what my dog has had so far today – and it’s only lunchtime!

Enjoy! Also check out our last lists too…

What Did My Dog Eat Today?

What Did My Dogs Eat Today?

All items are cooked unless otherwise noted.

Ground turkey

Other Proteins
Egg with shell WELL CRUSHED
(otherwise sharp on mouth and belly!)
Gelatin powder – I use Great Lakes – email me if you have questions about this

Pumpkin – plain canned

Oils and Fats
Olive oil – extra virgin
Omega-3 fish oil pill