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Golden Retriever Diet

Golden Retriever Diet

This section of Dog Food Coach seeks to provide nutritional information that can help your golden retriever stay healthy.

Golden retrievers are sensitive, emotional, loving, smart and so much more. Unfortunately, they can also be prone to a range of health concerns. How many times have you heard about a sweet, loving golden who was stricken with cancer, for example?

I am a human parent to a golden retriever, so I understand the connection, the silliness, the emotional depth. I have also heard too many stories of illness I believe should never have occurred.

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What is the best diet for golden retrievers?

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I’m the whole package: adorable, smart, loving!

First of all, there is no one diet that is right for everyone all the time. We know we can say this about ourselves… so why not dogs? Diets should change according to each individual dog’s needs, age, health status and more.

If you are a dog caregiver, you have probably been confused at some point about what to feed your dog.

But maybe the answer is: Perhaps the best dog food is not “dog food” at all.

Hopefully I can help clarify things for you. Please feel free to sign up for my free newsletter as a first step. Make sure you select the “Golden Retriever Diet” box.

What specific nutrition options can we discuss?

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Wanna talk about it?

We start with the basic kind of diet I suggest for any dog.  Then, we tailor it to the issues that face many goldens – for example, cancer, heart problems, skin issues and more. The goal is to provide the most nutritious, individually tailored diet possible. In many ways, it is similar to other individualized homemade diet options I suggest. However, this goes a step further by personalizing things even more.

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Why come to me?

All grown up and lovin’ mom’s cooking.

I have been home cooking for my dogs since 2008, and have learned some things along the way. I’ve also been fortunate enough to connect with some very progressive veterinarians and other pros who have taught me a lot over the years.

I am a human parent to two golden retrievers, so I understand the intensity of the bond and the breed, as well as common health problems.

I am educated in nutrition and holistic cooking for companion animals, and humans as well.

Where to start?

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I told my friend Maggie all about the good food Sarah serves.

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If you have questions, you can email me at [email protected].

I wish you and your golden a wonderful, healthy life together!


Sarah Whitman, MS
Dog Food Coach
Golden Retriever Diet

Parent to Autumn and Wynnie, golden retrievers pictured throughout here.

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