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Notes from dog caretakers

Notes From Clients and Veterinarians

Here I share notes from clients and veterinarians. Their words highlight the effectiveness of a homemade diet when done in a certain way. Read More "Notes From Clients and Veterinarians"


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Fish for Dogs – Healthy Homemade Dog Food Idea

Feeding salmon as your fish? Be careful of the source! I have relatives and friends who get GI upset from certain salmon, and several dogs too. Read More "Fish for Dogs – Healthy Homemade Dog Food Idea"

Parsley for Dogs

Parsley is easy to find in any grocery store, and this popular herb can also be used to maintain your dog's health. Read More "Parsley for Dogs"

Avocado, Asparagus, Egg, Whole Grain Toast

Today my dog friendly meal consisted of egg, avocado, asparagus and toast. I saved about a tablespoon for each of my dogs as a meal topper. Read More "Avocado, Asparagus, Egg, Whole Grain Toast"

Shrimp, Barley, Black Beans, Asparagus

I made a meal with shrimp and some other healthy foods. This is another demonstration of how easy it is to incorporate nutritious foods into your dog's diet. Read More "Shrimp, Barley, Black Beans, Asparagus"

White Fish – Asparagus – Red Potatoes

I made another dog friendly meal for myself and saved some out for my dogs. The ingredients are white fish, asparagus and red potatoes with the skin. Read More "White Fish – Asparagus – Red Potatoes"

Should You Add Vitamins and Minerals to Your Dog’s Diet?

Many people ask me whether they should add a multivitamin and mineral supplement to their dog's food. This seems to be of particular concern for dog parents feeding a homemade diet. Read More "Should You Add Vitamins and Minerals to Your Dog’s Diet?"

Dog Nutritionist Homemade Diets for Dogs – Sarah Whitman MS – Dog Food Coach

Memberships, Associations & Recognitions

Sarah Whitman focuses on dog nutrition, although she considers cat cases on a case by case basis. She holds a master’s degree (MS) in nutrition and the following memberships, certifications and recognitions. Visit the Services page for ways Sarah can help you and your dog!

Sarah also specializes in golden retrievers. Visit her other website,, for more information.

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