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Dog Food Coach

Dog Nutritionist Specializing in Healthy Homemade Diets

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Notes from dog caretakers

Notes From Clients and Veterinarians

Here I share notes from clients and veterinarians. Their words highlight the effectiveness of a homemade diet when done in a certain way. Read More "Notes From Clients and Veterinarians"


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Bone Broth – Free Educational Handout

This recipe can act as a base for a soup with other healthy ingredients, or can be used as a topper to tempt dogs who may not feel well and don't want to eat. Pouring a little of this over their regular meals may help. Read More "Bone Broth – Free Educational Handout"

4R Gut Healing Protocol for Dogs

My colleagues at Fullscript share many resources with me. Many are geared towards us humans, but a lot of the content applies to dogs as well! Today I share their handout entitled "4R Gut Healing Protocol." Read More "4R Gut Healing Protocol for Dogs"

Vet Says No to Plant Based Diets for Dogs

I was reassured to read Dr. Karen Becker's recent article about plant based diets for dogs. The article is entitled, The Dangerous Feeding Practice I Can't Condone. Read More "Vet Says No to Plant Based Diets for Dogs"

Trendy Dog Food and Products – Don’t Stress

What trendy dog food and products have you heard about lately? What have you seen on social media, heard about at pet shops, or seen ads for... items that will fix this, cure that.... Read More "Trendy Dog Food and Products – Don’t Stress"

Milk Thistle for Dogs – How to Choose a Supplement

I am currently discussing milk thistle for dogs, and potential use for liver health, skin health, cancer and so much more. Read More "Milk Thistle for Dogs – How to Choose a Supplement"

Milk Thistle Case Study – Topical Application, Golden Retriever

This is a milk thistle case study I conducted. It discusses the topical application of milk thistle, in the case of a 7-year-old female golden retriever. Read More "Milk Thistle Case Study – Topical Application, Golden Retriever"

Dog Nutritionist Homemade Diets for Dogs – Sarah Whitman MS – Dog Food Coach

Memberships, Associations & Recognitions

Sarah Whitman focuses on dog nutrition, although she considers cat cases on a case by case basis. She holds a master’s degree (MS) in nutrition and the following memberships, certifications and recognitions. Visit the Services page for ways Sarah can help you and your dog!

Sarah also specializes in golden retrievers. Visit her other website,, for more information.

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