Mobility Issues in Dogs
Mobility Issues in Dogs

Mobility Issues in Dogs

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Arthritis is a very common mobility issue. Did you know it is the most common cause of pain in dogs?

Arthritis is also underdiagnosed. According to the literature, about 20%, or 1 in 5, dogs have arthritis. Sadly, the diagnosis sits at about 10%.

There are four stages of arthritis. The first two stages may go unnoticed or dismissed by dog parents, because the symptoms can be so subtle. Gone unattended, those symptoms will get worse and leading to more problems.

An arthritic dog may also avoid slippery surfaces, resist being petted and may even growl if touched, due to pain.

Causes can include age, obesity, trauma (like a previous injury) and genetics.

Along with excellent (hopefully holistic) vet care, there are nutritional options that can make a difference in quality of life and comfort.

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