good dog vitamin

I take supplements. Most days of the week, I might take anything from vitamins C, B-complex, D and E, along with minerals like calcium and magnesium. I have selected these items for different reasons, including D because I live in a northern climate; C and E because they are rich in antioxidants; and calcium for bone health.

I also give my dog supplements. These are also hand-selected for different reasons. For example, she is getting older, so I equip her with antioxidants and glucosamine. She has been on a homemade diet for over 7 years, and her meals are quite balanced. However, no matter how healthy our diets — and this goes for me as well as my dog — I believe a multivitamin and mineral supplement is warranted, in order to make sure we are covered.

Whether you feed your dog a homemade diet, a commercial diet, or somewhere in between, you may want to consider tacking on some kind of supplements. This is a very personal thing, and should be tailored to your own dog’s current diet, age, health status, and nutritional needs. I have customized my own supplement protocol and my dog’s — you can too! If you need help, contact me.


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