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Notes From Clients and Vets

Notes From Clients and Vets

Here are some notes from my wonderful clients and veterinarians. Their comments demonstrate the effectiveness of a healthy, homemade diet. Visit my Services page to see how I can help you and your dog!

From L & Finn:

We are very grateful for your help. It really changed everything for Finn.” ~ L. Marsh

From Pat & Chance:

I can attest that the best thing I have done for my dogs is to learn to cook for them. I have seen them come back from compromised health to a much better promising place for a longer life.. That is why I love what you do and have the utmost respect and am so happy for your success! I wish you more and continued success. – Pat

From Carole & Nelly:

Nelly is a long-coat Dalmatian that I bought from a breeder who was not good. She had issues as soon as I got her when she was 8 weeks old. They at first thought it was a taurine problem. At six months, I brought her to be spayed. The vet gave her an EKG before the operation and her heart was going wild!! The vet told me it was so bad that she could have a heart attack running around the yard. Went to a specialist and it was decided she had a heart issue. It was at this time that I found your name at the vet’s. I had a consultation with you and you prescribed a diet for heart health. Fast forward 3 and 1/2 years. Turns out she did not have heart disease but a viral infection. I still prepare her food according to your recipes and she is a healthy and happy dog. Thank you. Thank you. ~ Carole

From Veterinarian:

Thanks so much for checking in and helping our clients! I will continue to send people your way because everyone seems happy including me!

From Cynthia, Mike & Boomie (see Boomie’s longer story here)

We can’t thank you enough for helping us to turn our dog’s health around. He was showing signs of pain, symptoms of arthritis and joint discomfort, and was even having trouble getting out of the house. We always tried to make the best choice on his food, sparing no expense, looking for the best brand. Dog food recalls always had us concerned. We started making his food, based on your recipes, and we noticed a difference almost immediately. We believe in what you are doing, and hope that others will learn what we have from you to help their pets live long and happy lives. ~ Cynthia & Mike

From Katherine & Finley:

Just wanted to check in and let you know Finley is doing much better with the allergies and diet. She doesn’t itch like before and no more bumps or red skin. ~ Katherine

From Tina & Kai:

Thank you so much for your kind words, it’s really appreciated. You have been nothing but a bright light and encouraging while I lost hope for my boy. You always helped to keep him as healthy as possible. He ate and looked forward to eating up to that last morning. He loved your recipes so much. ~Tina

From Lindsey & Whittaker:

I am excited he LOVES your recipe. He has never really been food motivated… I never had a dog be part of our family and not be food motivated.  ~ Lindsey

From Veterinarian & Mikey:

The first time I saw Mikey was December 27th, 2018, he weighed 13.7 lbs. He was brought to me for a third opinion about his condition. He had been diagnosed with severe Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). About 6 months prior to his visit with me, he started to have bloody diarrhea, 5-6 bowel movements per day, losing weight and was eating his own stool… read more about Mikey and how homemade food helped.

From Jill & Tully:

I cannot even begin to express how kind and compassionate Sarah has been since first contacting her…she was able to guide me to kidney healthy foods, guide and support me through the process of “home cooking” my dog food. Before Sarah I had spent hours and hours reading about dog foods and chose a kibble that I thought was better than all the others. Today, I wouldn’t touch it. ~Jill