What Kind of Water Does Your Dog Drink?

As one of the most important elements of life, water and its quality should be a top priority for everyone.  City water can contain a plethora of undesirables like flouride, chlorine, heavy metals and a number of other things. As you consider the quality of your water, it is important to also consider the water your dog drinks.

Drinking heavily treated city water can cause intestinal upset in the short term, and can cause long term health issues too.  This applies to your dog too.  Shifting away from city tap water into filtered water can offer a cleaner solution for both you and your dog.

Numerous filters exist for any size budget, from pitchers to entire water purification systems. Two options I have tried and used for my dog include the plastic pitcher from Pur, which is small enough to fit in the fridge, and a purification system from Berkey that filters out not only chlorine, flouride, and lead but bacteria and viruses.

Whatever option you choose, please consider your dog when it comes to water intake. It can make a huge difference in his or her health, and yours.