vitamin e for dogs

Last time, I wrote about dietary supplementation. I believe supplements have an important place in the diet. Our vegetable and fruit supply is often drained of many nutrients for many different reasons, including lengthy transport, depleted soil and more. And when it comes to meat – -a vital part of the dog diet — most meat these days is full of hormones and antibiotics, and the animals were likely fed an unhealthy diet.

As a result, there are many reasons to add supplements even for healthy animals. Before doing so, dog parents should look at their dogs’ existing diets and their nutrient profile.

If you do decide to add supplements, it is important to choose good ones. Taking synthetic or preservative-filled supplements is akin to feeding processed foods, and we all know how bad that is….

When shopping for supplements, look for natural, food-based versions which have been concentrated from natural sources. This will offer a safer alternative for your dog’s body, instead of a version that the body doesn’t naturally recognize, but instead identifies as chemicals.


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