Sweet Bell Peppers – Healthy Dog Food Idea

Today, I made some shrimp fried rice with shrimp, brown rice, ginger, yellow bell peppers and a few other things. As usual, my dog had a spoonful too.

My dog loves raw sweet peppers, so before I cooked the fried rice, I saved out some of the pepper pieces to include in her meals over the next couple days.

Serving sweet bell peppers to your dog is easy!

  • Rinse peppers as you would with any vegetable.
  • Remove stem and seeds.
  • Offer in sizes and amounts appropriate to your dog’s size and other needs.
  • Sweet peppers come in many colors – red, orange, yellow, green and more. Make sure you only offer sweet peppers, though, never the spicy ones.
  • Sweet peppers can be offered raw or cooked, as a snack or as part of your dog’s meals.

This is just another example of how simple it is to include healthy foods in your dog’s meals. I try to highlight this concept in Dog Food Journal, part of Dog Food Coach specifically geared toward this concept. See below for info.

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About Dog Food Journal – A Day in the Life of a Well Fed Dog

So many days, as I watch my dog adorably gazing at me as I enjoy a range of foods, I ask myself, can my dog have some of this? My guess is you’ve probably wondered the same thing.

I do not suggest loading your dog up with a pile of unfamiliar foods all at once. The result there can be unpleasant for both of you. I do, however, know it is ideal to include healthy foods in my dog’s diet. Therefore, I try my best to include my dog when I make dog friendly foods.

And that’s what Dog Food Journal is all about. It’s part of Dog Food Coach, and chronicles the seemingly endless healthy foods I share with my dog – and you can do it too. I choose each food specifically because it is easy to find and prepare, and nutritious for your dog (and most of the time, you!).

Dog Food Journal is largely video and image focused. Enjoy short video clips of what I’m making, along with cooking tips, serving suggestions and more. And when you’re ready for more one on one learning, you can always contact me to set up a Q&A session via email, phone, text or another platform. Just send me an email at dogfoodcoach@gmail.com.

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