Ground Beef With Garlic – Food of the Week
Ground Beef With Garlic – Food of the Week

Ground Beef With Garlic – Food of the Week

Lean ground beef is a staple in my dog’s diet. It is a fantastic protein source. When it comes to protein, the source does matter. For example, protein from legumes (like lentils or chick peas for example) do NOT suffice. Please see this related article about diet-related heart disease in dogs.

Beef, on the other hand, is a heart healthy food for dogs. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, red foods support heart health (think heat, flame). Such foods include tomatoes, beets, and red meats for example.

While cooking a recent round of lean ground beef (to which I will add several other ingredients) I added one small clove of garlic to each pound of lean beef. I mention the reasons in my short video about the item – ground beef with garlic. I add a little bit of garlic to dishes during pest season as a natural pest repellent. It is not a 100% bug fix, but every little thing we can do to ward off bugs naturally is a good thing.


Are you interested in adding healthier foods to your dog’s meals? There is so much information available online, yet still so many questions remain. Contact me to set up a personal Q&A session and we can work on a plan that fits your dog’s needs and your lifestyle.

About Dog Food Coach

I am on a mission to help you feed your dogs a healthier diet using simple, everyday foods found in most grocery stores, farm stands or elsewhere.

How Can I Help?

My Goals:

  • Empower you
  • Help you realize you can improve your dog’s diet without too much trouble or confusion
  • Guide you toward healthy, easy to make foods
  • Support you during your transition
  • Suggest healthier options
  • Work with you to create a truly supportive, nourishing diet for your dog

Individualized Support Sessions With Sarah:

During our time together, I encourage (but certainly don’t require) you to make the sample recipe I send. We can then discuss any questions you have. Each session includes the following:

  • Review of your dog’s current diet
  • Suggested changes as needed
  • 1 sample recipe, created by Sarah
  • 1 educational handout (1-2 pages), created by Sarah
  • Unlimited emails and texts as needed, for up to a full week
  • Cost: $50 – purchase one or several weeks’ worth
  • Purchase one or more weekly support consults on PayPal

Other Options:

If you are interested in a different setup, I will try to customize to your individual needs as much as possible. Either way, contact me to get started.