Looking For a “Veterinary Nutritionist?”
Looking For a “Veterinary Nutritionist?”

Looking For a “Veterinary Nutritionist?”

Sometimes, it’s hard to know who to rely on when seeking information about homemade dog food plans. There is so much information available. Some is useful, some is confusing, some is overwhelming… you get the idea.

Have you ever asked your veterinarian about homemade food, only to have them look at you like you have three heads, or point you to a prescription diet? If you are lucky, you’ve found a progressive veterinarian who is knowledgeable about whole foods for dogs, or at least supportive of the idea. I had to search far and wide to find one and I will hang on to her for dear life!

Unfortunately, vets have very full plates, tending to medical emergencies, wellness checks and everything in between. They don’t necessarily have the time to devote to your diet related needs or questions.

When presented with the idea of home cooking, vets will often tell dog parents to “see a veterinary nutritionist.”

This can be easier said than done. When instructed to see a veterinary nutritionist, dog parents may try to find an additional veterinarian with specific education in nutrition. Then, either they may not find someone that fits their specifications, or the ones they find are tremendously expensive or inaccessible. After all, a “board certified veterinary nutritionist” for example, IS a vet, who has had further extensive education in nutrition.

When faced with these challenges, many dog parents are overwhelmed by the cost or apparent difficulty, and just give up.

My goal is to help fill this gap.

I am not a veterinarian by far, and I don’t try to be. I am, however, someone who has been home cooking for my dogs since 2007. Over the years, I’ve learned seemingly endless time saving tricks, studied with animal professionals and furthered my education. I am a certified Pet Nutrition Coach and Pet Therapeutic Nutrition Coach. Both certifications are with the North American Veterinary Community. I also have a master’s degree in nutrition and am earning an additional certification in herbal remedies for pets.

My goals? Empowered dog parents, and healthier dogs. What are your goals for your dog? Whatever they are, my hope is to help you reach them. Visit my Services page to choose an option that works for you.