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How To Transition Your Dog’s Diet

Beginning a dietary change of any kind can seem daunting, so it is useful to realize that such a transition is an individual process, gets easier with practice, and can evolve with time. A main takeaway is to start slow, giving your dog’s body a chance to adjust. 

OMG, TMI! Is online research confusing you?

Who do you look to when trying to decide what to feed your dog?

General internet searches? Social media? Online groups? Are you confident in what you are finding, or are you even more confused, or somewhere in between?

Support Your Dog’s Vitalism or Homeostasis

It is in our dogs’ best interest to serve the most balanced, nutrient dense foods as frequently as possible. Focusing on a diet of high-quality whole foods can help boost immunity and allow the body to engage in a self-healing process known as vital energy, or vitalism, and bring itself into a natural state of balance, known as homeostasis.

History of Trouble – Commercial Dog Food Risks

When I was working towards my master’s degree in nutrition, I tried to write papers about dog nutrition whenever possible. Below is a section of one of my papers, focusing on the risks of commercial pet food.