Vet Says No to Plant Based Diets for Dogs
Vet Says No to Plant Based Diets for Dogs

Vet Says No to Plant Based Diets for Dogs

If you gave your dog the choice between a plate of meat and a plate of peas, which do you think he or she would choose? A meat based diet or a plant based diet?

Which does your instinct say is better?

Common sense tells me that dogs would choose – and thrive on – meat. Of course, I also know they need other foods to be healthy, including vegetables, fats and more. But meat should be the main protein source.

I was reassured and excited to read an article by Dr. Karen Becker, a well known holistic vet and co-founder of the Companion Animal Nutrition & Wellness Institute (CANWI). In her recent article, “The Dangerous Feeding Practice I Can’t Condone,” she shares:

Both big pet food and vegetarian/vegan pet parents continue their campaign to push misguided, potentially dangerous dietary choices onto dogs in the form of plant-based diets.

She is correct, and plant based diets are definitely not in dogs’ best interest.

I have several vegetarian and vegan clients, family members and friends. They are animal lovers, environmentalists, health advocates and truly dedicated to a plant based diet. But they are also dedicated to their dogs’ health, and they understand that feeding them well means feeding them animal protein. It is the reality, no matter how much we would like to extend our own practices to other species.

Dr. Becker continues:

In my opinion, the industry has intentionally shifted the perception of dogs as carnivores to dogs as omnivores and now vegans, to recycle inappropriate agricultural waste (including peanut hulls, feather meal, and many other sources of “fiber” that would otherwise be discarded) into profitable pet food.

Thank you, Dr. Becker, for being a light in the often dark world of pet food! I agree with her when she recommends a diet of high-quality animal proteins, healthy fats, fiber and some other ingredients to help your dog thrive.

When you are ready to create a truly nourishing diet for your dog, I hope you will reach out to me for assistance. Visit my Services page to choose the option that works for you.

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Thank you! ~ Sarah

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