Allergies and Sensitivities

Pictured above: raw, local honey.

Many times I will have pet parents come to me saying their dogs have itchy skin, licking, redness, digestive issues or other inflammatory reactions.

In spring and summer seasons, reactions can be aggravated by pollens, grasses and increased levels of pests. Chemicals used to combat these issues (pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, etc.) can cause additional irritation.

Whether it’s seasonal, food-related, environmental, chemical or something else, what goes into the body makes the body react, for better or worse.

The first thing to do is receive a proper diagnosis and cause of the problem. From there, solutions can be pursued.

My feeding plans focus on anti-inflammatory, health-supportive foods that support and nourish the entire body. This is vital for sick and healthy dogs alike.

When you are ready to start feeding a truly nourishing homemade diet, please come to me. It’s easier than you think, and can reap some serious health benefits, long and short term.

~ Sarah

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Sarah Whitman, MS (Holistic Nutrition)
Founder, Dog Food Coach
Certified Pet Nutrition Coach & Pet Therapeutic Nutrition Coach (North American Veterinary Community)
Pet Master Herbalist (exp. 2023)


I offer a range of options to help customize your experience as much as possible. Please choose the best option for you, and feel free to contact me with any questions or if you are not sure what to choose.

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