Milk Thistle Case Study – Topical Application, Golden Retriever

This is a milk thistle case study I conducted. It discusses the topical application of milk thistle, in the case of a 7-year-old female golden retriever.

Itchy Pet Awareness Month

Common reasons pets wind up at the vet include itchy ears, itchy skin, dermatitis, allergies (or what are thought to be allergies but may not be) and other related itchy and allergy-type problems.

Skin Issues in Dogs – Introduction to Featured Health Topic

The largest organ in the body, the skin takes a lot of abuse and is the site of many problems. It’s also allergy season in many locations. While bugs, pollen and other environmental triggers can cause skin reactions, other times they are blamed when food is the real culprit, during allergy season and year round.

Two Year Old Dogs With Lymphoma, Masses and More – There Must Be a Better Way

As I speak with other dog parents and vets, I hear stories of very young dogs – like 2 years old – with lymphoma, masses near their spleens and other issues that just don’t fit their age.