Babies With Health Issues

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This issue, Babies With Health Issues, mentions specific golden retriever cases, however these issues can apply to any dog.


Golden Retriever Diet Issue

Best (golden) friend, best food.

Golden Retriever Diet:
Babies With Health Issues

Dear friends of golden retrievers,

Welcome to my new feature, all about keeping our beloved goldens healthy using good food! As a human parent to a lovely golden named Autumn, I understand the emotional depth and connection we have with them. I’ve also spoken with people who relay the potential health issues facing this breed.

So, today’s topic is: Babies With Health Issues: What Can We Do?

As I speak with fellow dog parents, vets and others, I recently heard two stories of very young dogs – like 2 years old – with lymphoma, masses in need of biopsy, and other issues that just don’t fit their age. Both of these young dogs were goldens, a breed seemingly vulnerable to endless problems.

But does it have to be that way? What can we do?

We can take time now, to save pain later.

Whether your dog is a year old, 15 years old or somewhere in between, we can always consider diet as a foundational part of a healthy life. No matter their age, we want them to thrive, not just survive.

There is a lot of confusion surrounding pet foods, and goldens – being such ultra-sensitive people – may need even more consideration when it comes to diet. I am here to help. I hope you will explore my new website,, where I will continue to add diet-related content, healthy food ideas and more.

If you have questions, get in touch with me and let’s do this for our goldens! They are sensitive and vulnerable, and need a little extra care… they sure give it to us, right?

In the next issue – What is dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) and is your golden at risk?

Best wishes,
Sarah Whitman, MS, Founder


Golden Retriever Diet

Best (golden) friend, best food.


golden retriever diet

I have a happy body and mind thanks to mom’s (Sarah’s) good cooking! ~ Autumn

Best friends deserve the best food.