Two Year Old Dogs With Lymphoma, Masses and More – There Must Be a Better Way
Two Year Old Dogs With Lymphoma, Masses and More – There Must Be a Better Way

Two Year Old Dogs With Lymphoma, Masses and More – There Must Be a Better Way

I started cooking for my dog, Cori, in 2008. At the time, I was feeding what I thought was a high quality, even upscale kibble. Looking back, I know that how fancy or healthy I think it is, kibble is still kibble. It’s not fresh, whole nutrition.

beef stew for dogs
Cori, my inspiration for a lot of things.

During our time together, Cori overcame amazing hurdles, including becoming blind from glaucoma at age three.

After I started feeding her a healthy homemade diet, her fur became softer, a lump on her back disappeared, and her spirits remained high into her elderly years. She lived to 15 1/2, with few health challenges really, until towards the end.

I truly believe that giving her clean, whole foods — and constant love of course — made all the difference in her long life.

Babies With Health Issues

Now, as I speak with other dog parents and vets, I hear stories of very young dogs – like 2 years old – with lymphoma, masses near their spleens and other issues that just don’t fit their age. Both of these two year old dogs were golden retrievers, a breed seemingly vulnerable to endless problems. But does it have to be that way? What can we do?

Some of their issues may stem from overbreeding, poor breeding methods and other related issues, which makes it even more important to seek out a breeder or other golden retriever resource who takes a lot of care in producing healthy dogs. But I digress… that is not my area of focus. Mine is food!

Take Time Now, Save Pain Later

If you think creating a healthy homemade diet is difficult, time consuming or complicated, please let me help. Once you learn a couple tricks, it becomes second nature. And believe me, taking a little time now can save a lot of pain later. Get in touch with me and let’s do this for our beloved dogs, whatever breed they are.

Whether your dog is a year old, two years old, 15 years old or somewhere in between, we can always consider diet as a foundational part of a healthy life.

Our dogs are sensitive and vulnerable, and need a little extra care… they sure give it to us.

Best wishes,
Sarah Whitman, MS, Founder