Fish for Dogs – Healthy Homemade Dog Food Idea
Fish for Dogs – Healthy Homemade Dog Food Idea

Fish for Dogs – Healthy Homemade Dog Food Idea

Feeding salmon as your fish? Be careful of the source, and what kind! I have several relatives and friends who get GI upset from certain kinds of salmon, and I have also seen several dogs have the same issue. My two golden retrievers get loose stool from some kinds of salmon.

Not all salmon is created equal. Stay tuned for my article on this topic.

I have made several kinds of fish recipes over the years, and most are dog friendly.  For example, in these pictures you will see catfish and yellow squash, sole and kale; shrimp with barley and vegetables; and flounder with carrots, leafy greens and potatoes.

You will also see salmon, which is the topic of an upcoming article. Not all salmon will necessarily agree with you or your dog.

I’ve also made steelhead trout and so many others! Most agree with my dogs. But we should be careful of certain types of fish that may cause stomach upset. These include mackerel, tuna, some kinds of salmon, and more. Stay tuned for more on these topics, and contact me with questions you may have about what fish to give your dogs/

Fish for Dogs

Over the years, I’ve made all kinds of recipes with all kinds of ingredients! Fish is a great protein source for dogs, and above you see examples including cod, catfish, flounder, salmon and more. All with vegetables of course.

These healthy foods are quick and easy to make, and sometimes it’s just a matter of making a little extra for your dog, or saving out a portion for him or her.

~ Sarah

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