Free Class Handout – Why Does Your Dog’s Food Matter? 12 Days of Dog Food Day 10

Dear friends of dogs,

I hope you are enjoying this holiday series….

free article 12 Days of Dog Food: A delicious gift each day free article

Please enjoy , and use these goodies as the groundwork to improve your dog’s diet in 2022, or before.

Contact me to start giving your dog the gift of better food. He or she has been good all year … maybe a little naughty too … but like I always say, Best Friends… Best Food!

So here we go…

free article 12 Days of Dog Food: Day 10

Today’s gift is: Free Class Handout – Why Does Your Dog’s Food Matter?

I am in the process of updating and re-launching my online class, “Your Dog’s Diet.” One of the features of my class is a series of 1-page educational handouts. Today I offer my handout, “Why Does Your Dog’s Food Matter?” It is an important question!

Here is an excerpt:

Our food choices are deeply rooted in culture, personal preferences, lifelong habits and perceptions about food. Changing what we eat is often difficult, and extending that to dogs can be equally challenging. However, diet is a fundamental aspect of how our bodies perform, and offering our dogs a high quality diet is a central way to care for them. Moving beyond the concept of the modern day kibble, and into an indeed ancient practice of eating real, whole foods is an excellent way to care for your dog.

Contact me if you would like a copy.

Sarah Whitman, MS