Obesity in Dogs
Obesity in Dogs

Obesity in Dogs

Did you know obesity in one of the most common conditions in our dogs?

I have had several clients with dogs who are overweight. They come to me because they know obesity can lead to a range of health issues including arthritis and other mobility issues, organ issues, cancer and more.

But all too often, pet parents are coerced into changing a dog’s diet to very low calorie or low portion formulas, often still filled with all kinds of non-beneficial ingredients.

When this happens, I find the dogs are still hungry, and dog parents may feel guilty. This makes the situation even more stressful and difficult for everyone involved. It can even lead to an opposite effect, when pet parents decide to indulge their hungry furbabies with treats and other extras along the way.

There is a much better way to handle this issue. One that will be less stressful, more rewarding and especially healthy.

A nutritious, simple homemade diet can aid in weight loss. This is because my homemade diet plans are chock full of vegetables, fiber and moisture-rich content (in other words, lots of water).

An added bonus is that dogs on homemade diets are getting really comprehensive nutritional support. And it is likely they will feel more satisfied than dogs fed a strict, calorie-restricted or filler-filled commercial diet.

Along with vegetables and fiber, dogs on my homemade diets are getting highly digestible proteins, beneficial oils and supplements as needed.

If your dog is overweight, it might be time to think about evolving into a healthy, homemade diet. This will not only support a healthy weight, but will offer your dog the BEST nutritional options, which in turn, will help support the entire body, short term and long term.

Visit my Services page to get started on a truly nourishing diet for your dog. Thank you! ~ Sarah

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