Food of the Week – Sardines

Sardines are a rich source of omega-3s, the fatty acids that have become famous for their anti-inflammatory, health-promoting abilities. They are also important because so many fats have inflammatory properties, and omega-3 and omega-6 fight each other for space in the body. If you or your pet is ingesting lots of omega-6s, but not enough omega-3s, the result can be imbalance and inflammation.

Omega-6s are found in many foods like several meats — however our dogs need meat! So how to handle this? Add some omega-3 rich items like sardines.

Pictured is a recipe topped with sardines.

It is important to get the no-salt-added version, in water. Avoid the salted, oiled kind. Here is a no-salt added in water version, at left.

Sardines also provide other excellent nutrients like vitamin D and calcium.

I like to add a sardine or so a day to my dog’s meals, but the amount you add will depend on your dog’s weight and nutritional needs. Contact me for help.

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Individual Support Option:

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During our time together, I encourage (but certainly don’t require) you to make the sample recipes I send. We can then discuss any questions you have. Each week includes the following.

  • Review of your dog’s current diet
  • Suggested changes as needed
  • 1 sample recipe, created by Sarah
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