White Fish – Asparagus – Red Potatoes
White Fish – Asparagus – Red Potatoes

White Fish – Asparagus – Red Potatoes

I made another dog friendly meal for myself and saved some out for my dogs. The ingredients are white fish, asparagus and red potatoes with the skin.

White Fish, Asparagus, Red Potatoes With Skin

I baked the fish, and steamed the potatoes and asparagus together.

I saved about a tablespoon for each of my two golden retrievers.

This is just another example of how easy it is to incorporate healthy, simple and nutritious ingredients into your dog’s diets.

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Thank you!
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I am a human parent to two lovely dogs, so I understand the connection, the silliness, the emotional depth we have with our furbabies. My mission is to help you simplify and master the skill of home cooking for your dogs. It can be easy, nutritious and quite rewarding once you learn a couple tricks of the trade. Just like us, our dogs do best on fresh, whole foods.

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Cooking. I have been home cooking for my dogs since 2008, and have learned some things along the way. I’ve also been fortunate enough to connect with some very progressive veterinarians and other pros who have taught me a lot over the years! Learning. I’ve been studying human and animal nutrition since 1996. Experience and Love. My work on behalf of animals began long before then, and over the years I’ve had the pleasure of working with a number of nonprofit animal protection organizations. I believe my love and concern for animals was inborn, and is not going anywhere My Education:

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  • 2022 – Pet Nutrition Coach Certification, North American Veterinary Association
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  • 2011 – Holistic Chef for Animals (HCA) certification, Global College of Natural Medicine, Santa Cruz, CA
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  • 2000 – Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Political Science, University of Connecticut
  • 1998 – Master of Science in Animals and Public Policy lectures, Tufts University, Grafton, MA
  • 1997-1999 – Animal law and ethics lectures, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
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