Foods for Specific Issues

Bone Broth – Free Educational Handout

This recipe can act as a base for a soup with other healthy ingredients, or can be used as a topper to tempt dogs who may not feel well and don’t want to eat. Pouring a little of this over their regular meals may help.

4R Gut Healing Protocol for Dogs

My colleagues at Fullscript share many resources with me. Many are geared towards us humans, but a lot of the content applies to dogs as well! Today I share their handout entitled “4R Gut Healing Protocol.”

Vegetables for Dogs – Obesity in Dogs

Vegetables have numerous vitamins and minerals, but also beneficial plant compounds, antioxidants, fiber and more. When it comes to weight problems in dogs, vegetables also offer a little extra feeling of fullness when trying to cut calories.

Itchy Pet Awareness Month

Common reasons pets wind up at the vet include itchy ears, itchy skin, dermatitis, allergies (or what are thought to be allergies but may not be) and other related itchy and allergy-type problems.